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About Us


Where cutting edge technologies used in conjunction with established methods of carpentry and construction are brought together to take you on a personal journey to improve or create your space in the world. The construction industry is ever-changing and at Gili Constructions we have made a commitment to seek out and utilize the newest and best technologies available without ignoring the lessons of the past. A true combination of innovation and respect has been forged within our company to ensure the outcomes will stand the test of time and meet the modern day demands of design, sustainability and livability.


Gili Constructions stake our reputation on ensuring your vision and needs are met, whether working with you on the smallest renovation or the complete construction of your new home – and every stage in between. We understand that your home is your personal story and it needs to complement and enhance the lives of your family and your loved ones. Communication is one of our key values and a pillar of our organisation, we believe that through concise and transparent communication we can ensure that your home is crafted to meet your vision and give you the comfort and peace of mind that comes with understanding.


At Gili Constructions we aren’t just concerned with the construction of a building, but the journey each person or family takes when they commit themselves to the improvement or construction of their living space. We truly understand the investment that is formed between a home owner and their home; both the emotional and financial pressures and we endeavour to ensure our clients experience a stress free and exciting time through all stages of construction